GEPRC Crocodile 7 GEP-LC7: Long range GPS FPV drone

GEPRC Crocodile 7 aka GEP-LC7

GEP-RC’s latest drone is designed for long range FPV flights. As its name says, the GEPRC Crocodile 7 quadcopter is compatible with 7 inch propellers. Thanks to the BN-220 GPS module, no more worry about RC signal lost. The BetaFlight GPS recuse mode feature will be guide the drone back to you (take off point).

The GEPRC Crocodile 7 drone was announced in two versions. While the GEP-LC7-1080p comes with RunCam Split 2S DVR FPV camera, the GEP-LC7-PRO comes with a basic Runcam Micro Swift camera and 3D printed GoPro camera mount. Both, versions are available with FrSky R9mm, FrSky XMPlus or FrSky R9mm+R9m receiver.

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GEPRC Crocodile 7 features & specs

  • 315mm sized 3K carbon fiber frame;
  • Designed for 7 inch propellers (2 sets of DALPROP T7056C included);
  • Omnibus F4 flight controller with BetaFlight;
  • BN-220 GPS module;
  • Powerful GR2306 1600KV brushless motors;
  • 50A rated BL32 ESC (Dshot1200);
  • Runcam Micro Swift (GEP-LC7-Pro) or RunCam Split 2S (GEP-LC7-1080P) camera;
  • 5.8G VTX with adjustable broadcast power (PIT/25/100/200/600/800mW);
  • No propeller shadows in live-view;
  • Pahoda II RHCP 5.8G antenna;
  • 6S LIPO battery compatible;
  • Estimated flight time: 6 minutes with 6S/2200mAh) or 8 minutes with 6S/2600mAh.

GEP-LC7-1080P vs GEP-LC7-Pro

Model Description Camera Second camera mount
GEP-LC7-1080P Designed for FPV flights 1080P HD RunCam Split 2S Not included
GEP-LC7-Pro Designed for FPV & aerial filming, requires GoPro camera RunCam Micro Swift Included 3D printed TPU GoPro mount

Needed to Complete

Both versions of GEP-RC Crocodile are available in PNP and BNF packages. While PNP variant requires complete radio system (receiver & transmitter), battery and charger, BNF version needs only a compatible remote controller, battery and charger. For FPV flights, you will need a good quality FPV goggles.

GEP-LC7-Pro accessories

GEP-LC7-Pro accessories

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